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Back to Basics: Premium Organic Unscented Beard Oil 1 oz

Back to Basics: Premium Organic Unscented Beard Oil 1 oz

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Great Beards Don't Just Happen...

Premium Natural and Organic Products for Mature Men

Our "Back to Basics" beard oil was developed after I personally had my beard begin to yellow and stain after using big box store beard oils.  Yuck.  I played around for years with formulas to nourish my beard, while avoiding acne and itchiness.  

"Back to Basics was born from this trial and error effort and is actually so good it is the base for our scented beard oils. 

This low odor (a bit earthy) blend of healthy oils will gave your beard in tip top shape in no time.

Organics Ingredients: (and possible benefits) 

  • Argan Oil - Loaded with Vitamin E which may promote growth
  • Jojoba Oil - Moisturizes and Conditions hair and skin
  • Avocado Oil - Prevents Breakage and locks in moisture
  • Almond Oil - Boosts shine and strengthens hair follicle 
  • Sunflower Oil - Controls Frizz, antibacterial and antimicrobial

Small Craft Batch Blending to keep Oils Fresh





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